Tervetuloa Metsami Creations

Tervetuloa Metsami Creations!

Welcome to Metsami Creations! This is my first blog post. The past weeks have been spent transitioning between from Winter to Spring operations. The transition featured a lot of hydrologic issues that were taken care of through removal of snow, digging, a submersible pump, and a shop vac. Firewood has also been restocked, worm farm dug out, new lumber moved into the kiln, and truck washed.

As for shop work, I have been sanding and cutting posts for dining set benches and chairs. Lots of interesting tasks to share later.

Metsami Creations featured in the Great Lakes Logging Magazine!

Back in August I had a display at Finn Fun Day in Negaunee, and met a editor for Great Lakes Logging Magazine . This winter I was suprised by a email that the magazine will be adding an article about Metsami Creations in their Spring edition. The Spring edition of Great Lakes Logging Magazine has just been published and my article can be found on page 30! The publication is very well done so take a look! It is exciting to have a story in this publication as it is read by and advertised in by leaders of the Great Lakes forestry industry. If you don’t know, I also have a interest in forestry so I think this is really cool!

Metsami Creations “Writing with Fire” in Great Lakes Gazette!

Back in June at the Midsummer Scandinavian festival I met a reporter for Great Lakes Gazette. This article was posted in October and I never noticed it until later this Winter! The link was in a comment on the site that got hidden as spam. I found the link and posted it here! Another well done article!

Also this reminds me, I have taken care of the spam problem in the comment section and have opened up registration on the forums if you have any questions to ask or things to talk about.

Cold and snow for the next 7 to 10 days, followed by warm up.

As for weather, the warmth has come to an end.

We are back to the familiar west coast ridge and east coast trough pattern that has brought the Great Lakes area extreme cold for most of the Winter. The North Atlantic Oscillation and Atlantic Oscillation have dropped back into the negative phase and the Pacific North American pattern is positive. MJO index reached record levels in phase 7 last week, resulting in a strong westerly wind burst over the westerm Pacific Ocean, which promoted warmth over the central United States and a strengthening of the El Nino. The MJO is heading through phases 8, 1, 2, and 3 right now which will favor cold. This current weather pattern favors cold and snow over the next week, and indeed temperatures have been cold (20s) and we have a chance of receiving a half foot of snow this Wednesday. There are signs around 10 days from now the weather pattern will change toward warmer with a ridge developing over the central US. More on this later.

Hyvää yötä ja siinä kaikki!

Good night and thats all!


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  1. Hi Aaren:

    Sorry you didn’t see the Great Lakes Gazette story until now. Thanks for the link. The story has had hundreds of hits! FYI, the link for Great Lakes Logging magazine also leads to GreatLakesGazette.com

    All the best,

    • Hi Kath,

      Thanks for letting me know about the link issue. It is fixed.

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