Welcome to Metsami Creations!

Metsami Creations is a cottage industry specializing in rustic artworks, products, and services based on use of natural materials. We do variety of woodwork, including pyrography, instruments, rustic furniture, small scale saw milling, kiln drying, and stump art! We also produce vermicompost products such as worm castings and compost tea from locally sourced manure and food waste products.

“Metsami” is based on the finnish word “metsä” for forest, and “metsämies” which means hunter or forest person. The art and woodwork is inspired by the rustic northlands, folklore, and stories of times long ago. It is rich in culture and history, from the Immigrants and natives of the Great Lakes area all the way across the globe to northern Europe and the tundra of Sapmi.

Here on this website you can keep track of my adventures, view products, get some insight on the weather, view photos and media, and request my services.