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These T-shirts are based on the Sami pictograph wood burning. They are silk screen printed by Bohemia Printing in L’Anse Michigan. By clicking on the pictures you can enlarge them and read the story in the caption that goes along with them. Shirts are currently available in two colors and three sizes. Green or black, and medium, large, and extra large.

Due to popular demand I will try to get some printed in size small, and perhaps in different colors.

They are $20 each local pick up, and $25 with shipping.


Wear a piece of the north with you wherever you go with natural antler and wood jewelry. The white tail deer antler and burl wood has been obtained from the northern Great Lakes region and is cut and polished by hand. Antler pieces are decorated with intricate pyrography inspired by the northwoods of the Great Lakes, Sami mythology, life in Sapmi, and the Kalevala. Wire wrapping and cordage is done by my neighbor, Great Lakes Gems.


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  1. Christie Bleck on said:

    I am interested in the jack pine burl pendant.

    • The jack pine burl pendants sold out awhile ago but the good news is I just found more burls. If they are in good condition I will be making more pendants very soon.

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