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Welcome to the Odd Jobs Page!

To get Metsami Creations off the ground I had to become a jack of all trades, and continue to learn and improve on new skills. I can assist with pretty much any tasks that requires following instructions, turning a wrench, or operating power tools. I have had some experience with the following tasks:

  • Framing
  • Carpentry
  • Basic welding
  • Basic metal fabrication
  • Small engine and diesel mechanics
  • Drafting
  • Design
  • Circuit diagnostics and design
  • Chainsaw rebuilding
  • Vehicle and equippment restoration/repainting.

Replacing old deck with new deck

Metsami Creations also offers several services with our M35A2 military truck. The truck features on board air to power tools, a 10,000lb winch, and a 1/2 ton bed crane. It is the perfect platform for off-road vehicle recovery/repair and transporting equipment to remote areas.

We are in the process of restoring the truck and would be happy to eventually volunteer use of the truck to support local events/uses such as: parades, veteran events, fundraisers, church events, militia, airsoft, emergency, and other uses.

If you need help with a task, let me know!



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  1. brent langlois on said:

    Hello my name is Brent i am a Michigan resident and was told that you make jouhikko’s
    I would like to find out more about this please

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