Best of Show and Cedar Glow Table

The change of seasons is upon us. The green of summer torched and whisked away by arctic winds, in a northern land where even the sun takes shelter among the gray timber, its feeble rays flaring gold upon defiant aspens.

Where are all the photos!?!

Summer 2016 was a good one. A lot of cool pictures to share, but due to space constraints, I will post those to my Facebook and Instagram.

Aaren Joki’s Instagram

Best of Show

Metsami Creations was awarded best of show for “Artists in the Round” at the July Hiawatha Music Festival in Marquette. As usual, the festival did not disappoint, with great performers, great fun, and great weather.

Northern White Cedar Glow Table Set Complete

Northern White Cedar table set. Table top is cut from a reclaimed beam taken out of the foundation of an old building in L’Anse, that was built in the late 19th or early 20th century. Cedar tree itself is estimated to be around 110 years old. This thing was growing over 200 years ago! Log legs and support cross pieces are also made of cedar. Table is 100% northern white cedar! Bark was hand peeled while wet, so few draw knife marks.

Table and bench tops coated in epoxy resin with glow in the dark resin filler in the cracks. Legs are finished with Waterlox tung oil.

Table is made to come apart. Table tops unbolt from the bottom and both legs come off. Center beam between legs is not glued. Tiny guide holes have been drilled for addition of lag bolts if needed. Table and benches (to some extent) can self level. Ikea-like disassembly for easy transport!

Table measures 5’x3’x30″. Benches measure 5’x1’x16″. Seats 6.

Appraised retail value is around $5000. Took about 2.5 months to build. Will consider any reasonable cash offers. Delivery available anywhere in U.P or northern Great Lakes region. Table is in storage. Make appointment to view.

Winter Forecast

This winter looks very interesting. Conflicting ocean temperature patterns and trends will make for a complicated forecast and the potential is there for a banner year in terms of snowfall over the Great Lakes area. I am putting together a forecast and it should be available this week. Stay tuned.

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