Saw Milling

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Metsami Creations utilizes an Alaskan Chainsaw Mill to make custom cuts in logs up to 30 inches in diameter. Although average cutting speed is roughly 50 board feet per hour, chainsaw mills are fit for completing custom cuts on oversized timber or urban timber unfit for a band saw mill.

A Alaskan Chainsaw mill is guide jig that clamps on to the bar of a large chainsaw. The process to mill a log with the chainsaw mill requires a slabbing rail (we use a 15ft ladder) to attach to the top of the log to guide the first cut. After the first cut is made the guide jig rests on the first cut to guide the next. The mill is adjustable from 1/2 inch to 12 inches. To edge boards or and cut beams, we use a vertical milling attachment.

Chainsaw mills are great for the following tasks:

  • Quantities of lumber too small to rent a band mill
  • Cutting slabs from burls, curved logs, and other unique logs that may be difficult in a standard band mill
  • Custom slabs and oversized beams
  • Lumber production in poorly accessible locations
  • Quartering of oversized timber for easier transport and band milling
  • Milling of urban logs containing potential metal

 Recovering white cedar logs in remote areas and difficult terrain

Milling over sized curved white pine log in residential area

Milling large bar and table top slabs

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