Welcome to the Creations Page!

Here you can find galleries of my latest artworks, from pyrography to furniture and photography. My art and woodwork is inspired by the rustic northlands, folklore, and stories of times long ago. It is rich in culture, from the native Americans and Immigrants of the Great Lakes area all the way across the globe to northern Europe and the tundra of Sapmi. It is also inspired by the belief that it is necessary to keep the traditions and skills of ancestors alive in a modern world where modernization, economics, and pop culture rule.

The different craft pages can be viewed by clicking the slideshow images or links in the Creations drop down menu.

Most crafts are for sale. I will list prices and they can be purchased by calling or emailing at I am in the process of setting up an online store for smaller items.


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  1. I like your website name–translated meaning “Woodland Creations”. You are very much in to your Finnish heritage. Have you ever been to Finland?

    • Kiitos! I have never been to Finland, but someday when I save enough money and learn Finnish I would like to go.

      My website is slowly under construction. I will be adding content gradually, so check back for updates!

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