Casting Tea


Casting Tea — 2 Comments

  1. I am not sure why everything disappeared when I hit post comment, but o.k., I will try again. I tried to print out a copy of your many different talents so that I could pass them out to my guests, but sadly most pages had little or nothing on them. I am hoping you can give me a better description on all of the activities that you want to be referenced. Thanks Ilona Andersen

    • Hi Ilona.

      Sorry for not responding sooner. The comments disappeared because I have to approve them first before they appear on the website. I am getting a lot of spam comments and had to sort through everything to find your comment.

      It can be difficult to print out a web page properly. Don’t worry about it. My business is not fully up to speed yet and I am already falling behind on commissioned projects. With the weather warming I am finally making progress.

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