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Here you will find our natural soil amendments derived from earthworms! We use red worms and European night crawlers to compost local manure, food scraps, cardboard, and other organic matter. The worm waste excrement, also know as vermicast or worm castings, is harvested to be used as fertilizer. We are also working on producing vermicast/casting tea, which is a mixture of water and worm castings brewed in a high oxygen and microbial environment.

Our Mission Statement 

Metsami Creations goal is to provide natural fertilizer to the northcentral U.P to promote earth friendly garden and agricultural practices.

Our reliance on synthetic fertilizers is damaging to the environment and is supported by unrenewable resources. The conventional ammonium nitrate widely used for nitrogen supplement is created by a process that involves large amounts of ammonia derived from natural gas. Despite the large nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium nutrient/weight ratio of synthetic fertilizer compared to organic fertilizer, much of the nutrient gets washed into our watersheds, as plants can not consume all of the nutrient. This creates algae blooms, oxygen depletion, and groundwater contamination.

My love of nature and anger towards the unethical processes of corporate agriculture has motivated me to get involved in the new natural/organic movement. I believe that getting back to the basics of nature, friendship, and faith is critical to surviving these times riddled with greed, corruption, and degradation of morals.

Having little room and equipment for agriculture, I needed to conduct a compact operation that was profitable and produced a useful product. Looking to the forest floor and noticing how good of a job earthworms do at producing compost, I decided to research vermicomposting, or composting with worms.

After much research and a chaotic period where the back yard looked to be the site of a grave digging operation, I now have several wood heated boxes stocked with thousands of worms and hundreds of pounds of manure. With an old 1920s fanning mill macgyvered to sift out worm castings and the local farms on speed dial, my goal is to convert 11 tons of manure, kitchen waste, and cardboard into black gold per year.

Not only will I provide a new locally produced natural fertilizer, I also hope to generate sufficient funds to purchase agricultural equipment and tools to expand business to land clearing, plowing, cultivating, planting, harvesting, teaching of old trades, art, and preservation of culture. Worms do the work of producing the fertilizer, so why should I sit idle in the meantime when I could be helping the cause of agricultural initiative and getting involved with my community!

Remember this too; agricultural and food independence is independence from tyranny and corporations!

Good day and good night!
God Bless


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